Modern braces & fixed appliances in Bundaberg


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Fixed appliances (braces) are seen as traditional braces. They remain in common use for orthodontics today as they provide the most efficient and effective way of fully correcting a smile. Smiling Wide Orthodontics uses clear brackets for the upper front teeth, unless you request the low profile slimline metal brackets.

At Smiling Wide Orthodontics, we have completed thousands of specialist orthodontic treatments. This means we have streamlined the process; thereby reducing appointment times, increasing effectiveness, and reducing discomfort.

About Clear Braces

Braces consist of brackets glued to the outer surface of teeth and bands that are cemented around the molar teeth. At Smiling Wide Orthodontics, the upper front braces are clear. These are joined together by wires that provide forces to move the teeth into their correct positions. Other forces may need to be applied through elastics, headgear, or combination fixed expansion or functional appliances.

Clear and coloured options are available at no extra charge. Please ask our friendly staff to explain these options to you.

Sensitivity Soon Disappears

Forces from the wire cause initial tooth soreness, which usually starts 3-6 hours after the braces are attached. This soreness is worse for the first 48 hours, after which, the tenderness on closing and biting slowly disappears.

To minimise discomfort during this period, we suggest a normal diet. You should cut your food up finely and chew carefully. Chewing sugar-free gum also greatly assists during the first few days. Pain relief tablets such as Panadol and Nurofen can be taken with food, if required.

Do not worry as things will quickly improve and this will be the hardest stage of your orthodontics.

The Result

At the end of your scheduled treatment, you will see the special results and the new smile you have always wanted. Start the road to an improved smile with clear braces from the team at Smiling Wide Orthodontics in Bundaberg.